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Welcome to our Student Timesheet System!

FYI note to supervisors: If a supervisor or admin "un-dismsses" a time sheet, only the supervisor or admin may then enter hours into that time sheet. If the student "un-dismisses" a timesheet themself, then they may enter hours. A student will not have the option to enter hours if YOU are the one who "un-dismissed" it.

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Forms and Information


How to Approve Timesheets / Supervisor PowerPoint D

18-19 Payroll Calendar

18-19 Supervisor Agreement - A signed form must be on file for each supervisor no later than 8/27/18.

Non Work Study Student Agreement Letter Template - Use this template for each student that is hired for any job outside the WS program (summers, when WS award is fully earned, any other time you will be paying out of your Dept. budget). Signed copy of letter is to be given to Payroll. The student must already be ON payroll before this is submitted. Hire date will be per eligible on-payroll date.

SSN Application Student Letter Template - Any student who needs to apply for a SSN must take this letter filled out by the supervisor as well as a letter from Kristen Zalar, International Student Advisor, in person to the SSA Office. They must have a printout from the SSA Office that they have applied for the SSN before they may begin work.

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This is the standard user guide and is not customized to all CIM-specific screens.