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Welcome to our Student Timesheet System!

FYI note to supervisors: If a supervisor or admin "un-dismsses" a time sheet, only the supervisor or admin may then enter hours into that time sheet. If the student "un-dismisses" a timesheet themself, then they may enter hours. A student will not have the option to enter hours if YOU are the one who "un-dismissed" it.

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Forms and Information


How to Approve Timesheets / Supervisor PowerPoint D

2019-20 Payroll Calendar

2019-20 Supervisor Agreement - A signed form must be on file for each supervisor no later than 8/26/19.

SSN Application Student Letter Template - Any student who needs to apply for a SSN must take this letter filled out by the supervisor as well as a letter from Kristen Zalar, International Student Advisor, in person to the SSA Office. They must have a printout from the SSA Office that they have applied for the SSN before they may begin work.

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Download the Web site User's Guide in PDF format.

This is the standard user guide and is not customized to all CIM-specific screens.